About us and our wedding party

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Katie and Chris on Denman Island, BC – just after Chris surprised Katie with his Grandmother’s ring.


Katie and Chris

Katie is originally from Rothesay, New Brunswick and Chris hails from Woodstock, Ontario. A long time ago, they both ran away to Vancouver. Chris took the direct route in 1994 and Katie took her time with pit stops in Halifax, Toronto and Whistler before arriving in Vancouver in the fall of 2007. It’s hard being so far away from their families who mostly still live back East, but they really love the area and take full advantage of the wide range of outdoor activities possible, especially being up on the mountains, paddling on the water, or riding any of their many different bikes. They started dating shortly after Katie arrived in Vancouver in the fall of 2007, and as they say… the rest is history.

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Pati Teed and Murray Hoyt
Katie’s Mother & Husband

Pati and Murray live in St. Andrews, New Brunswick a picturesque maritime resort town 45 minutes outside of Saint John. Pati is an avid golfer and Murray loves to ride his Harley-Davidson with sidecar. They have both recently retired and bought an RV, which will take them on many fun trips together with their dog Mya. They would love to show you their town so please get in touch if your travels take you to St. Andrews.

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Ted and Joan Young
Chris’ Mother & Father

Ted and Joan love to travel and have amazing stories to tell. Ask them about the time they drove from Ontario, up to the North West Territories, over to Alaska and then met up with Katie and Chris on Denman Island, one of the Islands off the coast of BC. Packed away in their luggage on that epic journey was the antique engagement ring that belonged to Joan’s mother. They had brought it along for Chris to give to Katie. Katie is extremely honoured to wear that piece of family history, which matches up beautifully with her future wedding band that belonged to her maternal grandmother.

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Butch (Brian) and Sandy Teed

Brian and Sandy Teed
Katie’s Father & Wife

Brian, known to friends as Butch, and his wife Sandy live in Rothesay, New Brunswick only 10 minutes away from the beautiful Minote family property where the wedding ceremony will take place. Butch loves skiing, boating and spending time with friends. Sandy enjoys travelling, fishing and fashion. This last love is put to good use in the popular women’s accessory shop called Baubles that she owns.





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Christine Teed
Sister & Bridesmaid

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 Emily Teed
Sister & Bridesmaid



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Warren Young
Brother & Groomsman

Pictured with wife Anita and sons Matthew & Jacob.

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Derek Stewart
Friend & Groomsman




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Michael Teed
Katie’s Brother & emcee

Pictured with wife Stephanie.

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